The beginning of something tiny

H has been suggesting crazy ideas since I met him. The suggestions started with “let’s elope,” (which we eventually tried to do, but that’s another story) and quickly lead to “let’s sell all of our possessions and become gypsies.” I’d always laugh and think about how freeing that would be, but then keep on keeping on as normal.

Fast-forward seven years (five married), two houses, two investment properties and 2,100+ square feet of “stuff”. The suggestion had become, “let’s sell this house and move into something smaller.” Again, I’d laugh and say, “but there’s still so much left to be done here!”

And then my boss, in the midst of moving, shared this video with our staff of six. And it got me thinking about my stuff. My stuff as well as my “stuff” and everything in between. Why do we have so much stuff? Why do we have so much space? A home-office that we never use because we both spend all day sitting in offices. A family room to sit in while no one sits in the living room.

It’s official. We are hunting for land. And we’re going to sell our house. And I’m going to get rid of 75%+ of my possessions. I feel lighter just typing it.

Stick around for the ride if you want.


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