Cleaning Out My Closet Part 2: Gowns

It seems that clothing has been an easy place to start with downsizing. After taking the axe to my normal closet, I moved to ancillary closets. At this point the new minimalist will ask, “why couldn’t I fit all of my items into one closet?” Good question new minimalist…

Anyhoo, I studied music in college-voice performance specifically. With that came a lot of recitals, concerts, etc. and a great need for floor-length gowns. Add in the 6 weddings I’ve stood up in, and that creates quite a collection.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I had 15 gowns in the office closet, one of which was my wedding dress.  I narrowed it down to my four favorites: my wedding dress (I just can’t get rid of that…), a long black gown that I wear at least once a year for symphony concerts, a long navy gown that I had custom-made for my senior recital, and a long teal boatneck/backless gown that is just one of my favorites to sing in.  Here are the dresses that didn’t make the cut:

From left to right:

  • Blue bridesmaid dress from my sister’s wedding that I wore twice after that for different events
  • Baby pink gown that I wore for one symphony concert solo opportunity
  • Coral junior prom dress (I know, that was eons ago)
  • Black gown that I never once wore. Bought it when I was down some weight but never quite got there… I don’t need that reminder of my failures taking up space in my house or my life!
  • Silver gown that I wore in a friend’s wedding and several different recitals. Those friends are now divorced.
  • Blue gown that I wore once to a charity gala.
  • Tan gown that I wore in a friend’s wedding.
  • Purple gown that I wore once (or twice?) for symphony concerts
  • Green gown that I wore in a friend’s wedding and several times for various recitals and concerts.
  • Purple gown that I wore for several symphony concerts.
  • Orange gown (in the front) that I wore for my senior recital and another symphony concert. And if you’re paying attention, yes, I had two senior recital dresses. The serious navy number for the first half and the fiery orange beaded number for the second.

1Because it’s fun to reminisce, and I’ll have to rely on photos rather than the physical objects going forward, here are a few photos of me enjoying my gowns.

My wedding dress: (that I just can’t get rid of)

Wedding Dress

The green dress, shown here from a recital with my gal pals:


My senior prom dress (which I did wear at least twice for concerts and lent to a friend two years ago, but that’s ok because it’s one less dress to go to Goodwill!):

Senior Prom

My junior prom dress, that I did wear a few times:

Junior Prom

The bridesmaid dress from my sister’s wedding:

Kates Wedding

The famous orange gown from my senior recital: (funny story-my mom and I bought this thing on sale for $60 when I was down a few pounds. I went back up a few pounds and couldn’t fit into it. I desperately wanted to wear it for my senior recital, so I hung it in my kitchen as a reminder not to eat. It fit!)

Orange Gown

And finally, my favorite, one of the keepers:

Blue Gown

So long gowns! I will cherish the memories.



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