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What is minimal to me?

I went shopping this past weekend. If H and I hadn’t decided to head in the tiny direction, I surely would have bought much more than I did. I ended up leaving the mall (HUGE mall) with a new foundation (necessary as I ran out last week), a new foundation (nearly necessary as I was close to running out), and two new camisoles (more in the want category than the strict need category, but they are replacing two of my older tanks).

That visit got me thinking. I love clothing, I love home accessories, etc. I can’t say “I’m never buying anything new again!” because surely I will have to. Fashions will change, clothing will wear out, my life will evolve and the objects I use to run my life will need to adapt. But to prevent a hostile takeover of objects, I wonder if it would make sense to create a list. A list of everything: clothing, kitchenwares, toiletry items, books, etc. I have done a good amount of purging in the past week and still have a lot to go, but I’ve been focusing on the easy choices. Does it fit? No-out it goes. Have I worn it in the last six months? No-out it goes. Would I want to wear it today? No-out it goes. Those were easy choices. The next edits will be much more strategic. To help guide me on this path, I have created a numbered guide for items.  Here goes:

Camisoles: 14 (I wear these every day)
Work Tops: 14 (Can’t be wearing the same thing to work every day!)
Sweaters: 7 (It’s cold in Wisconsin.)
Jackets/Cardigans: 3 (Must wear layers in Wisconsin!)
Tee Shirts: 3 (I rarely wear t-shirts, and if I do it is just to work around the house or to work out in)
Bras: 2 (Wear one, wash one)
Long-sleeve Tee Shirts: 5 (Same with short-sleeve t-shirts, but I tend to wear these more often. It’s cold here 10 months out of the year)
Scarves: 14 (Seems like a lot, but I wear these all the time in fall, winter and spring-Wisconsin is cold!)
Skirts: 5 (This will be a challenge. I love skirts but don’t wear them nearly as much as I should)
Work Dresses: 3
Special Event Dresses: 4 (One for each season. This will be tough. I have been accumulating dresses for years.)
Gowns: 3 (I know, 3 more than the average adult. But I’m a singer. I’ve kept one black that I’ll wear at least once per year, one navy and another teal. Those I can rotate every other year for the fun concerts)
Dress Pants: 3 (Black, Navy and Khaki. I just decided I’ll be getting rid of my brown pants. Who really likes brown anyway? All of my clothes are black!)
Jeans: 3 (Dark Rinse, Coral and Fuchsia)
Capris: 6 (I know this might seem like a lot, but I wear capris all the time. With flats or sandals in the spring/summer and with boots in the fall/winter. And they take up less space than normal pants!)
Exercise Pants: 4 (three sets of yoga pants and one set of capri pants)
Sports Bras: 7 (So I can work out every day…)
Exercise Tops: 5 (Can sub in t-shirts if I run out)
Socks: 14 Pairs (I’ll definitely have to cut back here…)
Underwear: 14 Pairs
Winter Coats: 2 (One for work and one for snow)
Fall/Spring Coats: 2 (One for work and one for fun)
Sweatshirts: 3 (Get ready Goodwill-a lot of college sweatshirts are headed your way!)

I’m not sure if there’s anything else I’m forgetting, but this should give me a guide to do the hard cutting this week. I’ll think about shoes another day…

If you’ve cut back in the past, what did your “list” look like? If you’re thinking about it, how would yours be different from mine?