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Starting Small: Downsizing my Nail Polish.

H suggested this morning that we not buy anything that isn’t consumable for the next six months. I already unofficially decided that, hence only buying gifts when we were shopping in Madison yesterday. But not buying isn’t enough. We’re going to greatly need to reduce the amount of “stuff” we already own before we can downsize by 75%, and I figured it’d be easiest to do it little by little.

Speaking of little things, I thought I’d start small, literally. I had quite a lot of nail polish although I rarely paint my nails. Space will be so tight that only my favorites can stay. I originally thought I’d keep five max, but ended up keeping a few more. I suppose I can always really narrow it down in a few months, right?

I divided them by color to see what I really had.20140617-071034-25834904.jpg








That’s a lot of polish that I mostly never wear. I narrowed it down to my favorites and this is what I was left with.


Still a lot, but I figure I’ll edit more in the future.

I ended up giving away more than 40 polishes to my nieces. It was quite a happy day for them!