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Design Round 1: Tumbleweed Harbinger Plans

One of my former colleagues introduced me to Tumbleweed Tiny Houses a few years ago. Since then, I have thought they were just adorable and dreamed about living in one. So when H and I decided to embark on this little adventure, of course I started there.

I played with all of the Tumbleweed designs and really liked the Harbinger. I love the idea of having a loft in addition to a master bedroom as a guest space, hangout space, extra storage, etc.  On their website, they have the option to play around with furniture arrangements, but they don’t allow you to move walls, doors, etc. After playing on their website for awhile, I took it one step further and started from scratch on Floor Planner.

Without further ado, here’s a shot of my first round of design: The Harbinger Edited.

Floor Plan Harbinger

So what are you looking at?  Starting at the bottom, there’s a small porch, leading into the living room. On the front right corner is a built-in table nook which could be used as an eating, working or board game space. The kitchen is on the right side in the middle, and is open to the living room and nook. And that little black box on the right side? That would be the wood burner, with which we’d heat the entire place. Then there’s the small bathroom on the left, master bedroom in the back and mudroom with steps to the basement on the top right corner.

Rather than show you a plan of the loft (which wouldn’t look like much anyway), I’ll just tell you that the extra sleeping loft would start with the bathroom wall and go to the back of the house. It would have built-in cupboards in the eaves and a big mattress in the middle.

This plan has 475 square feet. After designing it, H saw a photo of a beautiful Southern-style house and said he’d rather built in that style, but tiny. So the Harbinger was a great start, but probably not the final direction we’ll go in. I’ll share the next designs soon, but I’m sure they’ll continue to change as we learn about tiny living and clarify what we really want and need.